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As further detailed in our Platform Privacy Policy, currently available here, consumers residing in the jurisdictions identified below may opt-out of the “sale”, “sharing”, and “targeted advertising”, as such terms are defined by applicable law, using personal data Xandr has collected about them. Once we receive and process your request, we will not use your personal data for “sales”, “sharing”, or “targeted advertising” unless you later allow us to do so.

For California residents, please note that a “sale” and “sharing” opt-out request will also opt you out of the processing of your sensitive personal data by Xandr.

If you are not a resident of one of these jurisdictions, you may still opt-out of our delivery of targeted advertising to your web browser by visiting our global browser opt-out page, currently available at .

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Important Note: Because our advertising platform does not maintain identifying information about consumers, we will use the online identifiers collected through your submission below to process your opt-out request. Therefore, only submit your request from a web browser or device 1) that is owned or controlled by you, or 2) for which you are authorized by the owner to submit the request.
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